High Availability
Software Infrastructure

Approaching all potential solutions with innovation and modern 

design, while ensuring that we preserve customers’ existing¬†

investments and skills across enterprise platforms.

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Infrasoft specialises in High Availability Software Infrastructure Solutions for the Enterprise. We approach all potential solutions with innovation and modern design while ensuring that we preserve customers’ existing investments and skills across enterprise platforms.

Our founding members represent over 150 years of combined experience in the IT industry and continue to embrace new and emerging technologies.

Infrasoft prides itself on a strong commitment to personal customer support, and always remains open to enhancing our product range to meet customer requirements.

Modernise Access To Mainframe Applications

uLinga for CICS and uLinga for IMS can modernise your access to the mainframe by replacing SNA with native TCP/IP, without requiring application changes.

uLinga for IMS

uLinga for IMS provides access to IMS applications using native TCP/IP built into IMS

uLinga for CICS

uLinga for CICS provides access to CICS applications using native TCP/IP built into CICS

SNA Solutions Using IP Backbone

uLinga for EE and uLinga for DLSw preserve your existing SNA functionality over IP infrastructure.

uLinga for EE

uLinga for EE provides SNA/APPN functionality using High Performance Routing (HPR) over UDP/IP

uLinga for DLSw

uLinga for DLSw provides SNA/APPN functionality over TCP/IP

Integration with
X.25 Networks

uLinga for X25 allows your application to communicate with X.25 devices over IP infrastructure. Available for HPE Nonstop, Windows, Linux and POSIX systems.

uLinga for X.25

uLinga for X25 provides access to X.25 devices using X.25 Over TCP/IP (XOT).


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Infrasoft is pleased to welcome Andrew Price to the team. Andrew brings many years of NonStop experience with him, from software development to product management and sales support, and will be working in a Business Operations capacity.


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All uLinga products have been enhanced to use x86 hardware support for relevant TLS operations. This decreases CPU consumption and improves latency for SSL/TLS processing on NonStop X platforms.


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Infrasoft releases uLinga for X25. It provides support for X.25 over TCP/IP (XOT). The X25AM PTP interface is supported to enable seamless migration for your existing X.25 applications.


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