uLinga Data Transformation

uLinga Data Transformation is a powerful feature allowing data to be transformed to and from a wide variety of formats.  Binary formats, including fixed-format and ISO8583 are supported, as well as modern formats like JSON. uLinga Data Transformation is available for HPE NonStop, Windows, Linux and POSIX systems.


How It Works



At the heart of uLinga Data Transformation is a powerful mapping file, allowing the user to configure input and output field properties.  The mapping file can be automatically generated, and modified via the new Data Transformation UI in WebCon.  Input and output is supported in DDL-formatted binary, ISO8583 and JSON, with new formats in development.


WebCon DT UI

The new WebCon Data Transformation UI allows comprehensive and intuitive control of your data transformation configuration requirements.  You can set field attributes, drag and drop fields for inclusion/reordering, and add/remove new fields as required.


Data Transformation Anywhere

Many resources within the uLinga suite allow data transformation to be invoked.  From data being streamed to Kafka, to messages from an application to a network, or even being invoked by a simple API, chances are uLinga DT can fit into your application’s data transformation requirements.

Data Transformation UI

The Data Transformation User Interface, part of the standard WebCon browser-based UI, provides intuitive control of your DT configuration.

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