High Performance, Secure Kafka Streaming

uLinga for Kafka provides a range of options to securely stream your valuable data to and from Kafka.  With both Producer and Consumer functionality, and a range of APIs and access methods, you can quickly and easily integrate your applications and data with your Kafka infrastructure.  Data transformation allows you to manipulate data as it’s produced to Kafka, or consumed from Kafka, making your application data even more accessible.

uLinga for Kafka

uLinga for Kafka provides a range of options to stream data to and from Kafka. Available for HPE Nonstop, Windows, Linux and POSIX systems.

What Makes It Special


Native support for Kafka TCP/IP protocols ensures low latency and excellent performance

Reduced Cost

Remove the need for internal staff to maintain complex in-house Kafka solutions


uLinga for Kafka supports TLS for encryption of data being sent to Kafka, and also a number of Kafka authentication options


With the right software
great things can happen.

uLinga for Kafka implements the Kafka TCP/IP-based protocols natively, without requiring any additional software or interim servers.  uLinga for Kafka is written in C, so is able to obtain the highest levels of performance on NonStop and other platforms.


How it works

uLinga for Kafka can read data directly from Enscribe files and TMF audit trails, and produce the data from those files to Kafka.  It also provides application interfaces, including Guardian IPC (on NonStop) and HTTP on all supported platforms, allowing applications to explicitly send data to be streamed to Kafka.  uLinga for Kafka can also consume data from Kafka, and either write it to a disk file or present it to an application via the same  application interfaces. User Exits and Data Transformation allow for the data to be manipulated before it is sent to Kafka, if desired.

Features of uLinga for Kafka

Features of our Product

Both browser-based and command-line configuration/ management supported.

Online Configuration

Web browser interface utilising HTML 5 and Web Sockets, with no client software to install.


Built in tracing facility & standard logging support.

Powerful data transformation allows you to transform data before it is produced to Kafka, or as it is consumed from Kafka.

Online Management

Interactive command line interface, with support for obey/script files.

Database Support

Support for Enscribe files and TMF audit trails as data inputs, meaning that new data written to these files can be automatically streamed to Kafka.

Standard APIs

Support for standard APIs: On HPE NonStop, FILEREADER, AUDITREADER and IPC. Application connectivity via HTTP on all supported platforms.